zondag 9 mei 2010

If the party's where your at just let me know..

Yesterday I had a party of a friend of mine! Me and my girl nina bought a glove and a neckless for her birthday.. I think she really liked the presents, so thats a good thing
Here are some pictures of the party

donderdag 6 mei 2010

yesterday was an amazing night!!!!!!!
first I went to demain, cooooooooooocktails.. yum yum gimme sum

then I went with some friends to merleyn and that was very nice and fun
here are some pictures I made with my dear friend 'Merel'

maandag 26 april 2010


i fell in love, when I saw these heels
Im gonna wear them on the wedding of my uncle

''short'' story (river island)

lovely night

me and my girl evi

i had a good time saturday night! Me and my girls went to 'Doornroosje'.
the music was better than ever and there were a lot of cute guys haha

dinsdag 20 april 2010

perfect day

yes, what a perfect day..
I LOST MY KEYS, damn it..
so my bike is still on school en I could't get in to my house

vrijdag 16 april 2010

just friends

I'm not trying to pressure you
Just can't stop thinking about you
You ain't even really gotta be my boyfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time..
..We can hook up, hang out, just chill

woensdag 14 april 2010


Timbaland ft. JoJo - I'm losing control

I love this song! The melody makes me happy.. =)


Hello guys,
I had a lot of tests to do for the last two weeks..
but now I'm back again!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my wishlist of River Island:

donderdag 8 april 2010

Jennifer Lopez X Louboutins

goddd i love this picture!


Im very busy with school at the moment
but I was surfing on the internet and found something I really like..
this do it yourself shirt

In my upcoming vacation, I'm gonna make this tee
Here are the steps you have to follow:

zondag 4 april 2010


I really really want a tattoo
 don't know yet what kind of tattoo and where I want it,
(the only problem is, my mommy will kill me.. hihi)

zaterdag 3 april 2010


I need some new stilettos
cant walk down the street in those
you are what you wear it's true
a girl is just as hot as the shoes she choose

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who's got the most inflated ego of them all?
Thinks he can make a booty call
Thinks he is so loveable
Thinks he is the perfect man, that I should never let go
and thats why i let him go

a social evening with a touch of class

dinsdag 30 maart 2010

my dear friend

You catch me when I fall
accept me, flaws and all
and that why I loveeeeee you